Looking for a Logistic​ian.

Thunder International Group, Inc. (DBA: Thunder Express) is looking for a Logistician. Location of Employment: City of Industry, CA

Job duties: 
Thunder International Group, Inc. (DBA: Thunder Express) is looking for a Logistician.
Location of Employment: City of Industry, CA

Job Duties:
I. Business Data analyzing (40% of the time)
1.Analyze past customer order data and propose order plans and suggestions for customers to reduce storage costs for customers while ensuring sufficient inventory.
2.Analyze daily orders by using MS Excel Sum If function and identify the products which have a high rate of turnover. Collaborate with warehouse specialist to relocate those products on the first level of racks to increase the efficiency of turnover.
3. Analyze the prices of different transportation companies and provide customers with the best quality and economical transportation services.
4.Create a model through excel to plan the best route needed for transportation for customers, to achieve the goal of saving costs for customers.
5. Create monthly report for customers, visualize customer sales data and logistics costs through tools such as tableau and excel.
6. Collect market quotations, purchase required products for the company, and choose high-quality and low-cost products to save expenses and increase company profits.
II.Thunder Cloud Intelligence System Maintenance and Optimization (30% of the time)
1.Analyze and organize customer orders by using MS excel advance functions such as V-look up function, Pivot Table and Macros to pre-process orders and upload those to our own system.
2.Create an inventory statement in the system and deeply process this file by using Chart, Pivot Table and Macros to sort out inventory by categories, location and date and report it to customers and operation managers.
3.Collect data such as products commercial name, UPC Code, quantity, weight and dimension for the products that delivered to our warehouse and generate SKU (an identified code) for each product and collaborate warehouse specialist to label those products.
4.Record and send feedback on any unreasonable functions and proposed functions to IT department and test those functions after system is updated and then track the upgrade and give feedback again.
5.Collect data such as products information, pallets information and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) code from customers and input those data to system to create BOL (bill of lading).
6.Compile and update instructions of our system such as the meaning of the functions, and the procedures to fulfill each function, to better instruct our subordinates and customers to use our system.
III.Design, Organize, and review logistics activities (30% of the time)
1.Review and correct custom documentation from customers such as BOL(Bill of Lading), AWB(Airway Bill), Commercial Invoice and Packing list, and forward those documents to AMERASIA (custom broker) to do custom clearance.
2.Collect FBA transfer requirements from our Chinese customers such as NSC Foreign Trade Co. LTD., Flash Man International Logistics Co., ATL Shipping, and sort those requirements by the destination and design a truck service base on freight, date, quantity of pallets and destination.
3.Learn and understand any new rules released by Amazon such as carton labeling, dimension of pallets, FBA code change, and inform and collaborate our customers to comply with Amazon new rules.
4.Summary and analyze everyday shipment such as the quantity of containers arrived, and the quantity of pallets shipped out. And develop a report to our customers and accountant.

Job Requirement:
U.S. Master’s Degree in Business Analytics;
Able to read, write and speak Chinese

Job Type: 40 hrs, 5 days (Full-time)

Please send resume to Mingming Wang, 19465 E Walnut Dr N, City of Industry, CA 91789